Transforming technology into Opportunity

The pressure on businesses today is unprecedented. Customers and employees demand more. The market is constantly changing and the speed at which you must adapt is just as important as how you do it. Now more than ever it is your ability to leverage technology that will define your competitive edge.

As a locally owned business, the Haddcorp Group is commited to driving technology innovation for regional businesses in Northern NSW.

Our consultative approach means we take time to understand your business, your growth opportunities and your ICT challenges, developing solutions that are as unique as your business itself.

With a team of over 45 technology professionals in-house and strong relationships with industry leaders like Cisco, Microsoft, Teletrac Navman, Ericsson LG and Checkpoint, the Haddcorp Group can offer organisations like yours the strategic advice and industry experience that ensures technology drives you forward.

Our ICT Framework

At the Haddcorp Group, we take the time to understand your existing systems to make tailored recommendations for your organisation. Our Business Technology Advisors take a holistic, solutions-based approach to identify opportunities for optimisation in your technology landscape.


When we refer to connectivity, we mean things you might consider to be core telecommunication services like mobiles, landline and internet.


We define the network as all the devices and components that sit inside your organisation, both in your physical offices and in the palms of your employees’ hands.


Collaboration refers to the technology that helps you connect individuals and groups to work efficiently anytime, anywhere.


With all of these devices connected and collaborating on your network, it’s vital to secure your organisation’s intellectual property and protect your network from cyber crime.





Whole of Business Approach

We take a whole of business approach, considering all aspects ofyour organisation to identify opportunities for technology to support and enhance your existing systems.

By taking a holistic viewpoint, we identify solutions that not only meet today’s requirements, but that also position you for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our Clients

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