Our Business

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About Us

The Haddcorp Group specialises in business-grade telecommunication solutions for North West businesses. Because we live and work locally, we know how small industry works in our area, and care about giving you personal service.

We pride ourselves on our professional and experienced team. The Haddcorp Group is a Telstra Accredited Partner for Fixed, Data and Mobility, and each of our business specialists regularly undertake further training and development to ensure we maintain this accreditation.

What We Offer


Maintenance Services

Project Management

Hardware Support & RMA

Post-Sales Technical Support

Pre Sales Solutions Advice


These are some of the great services you can benefit from:

  • Dedicated Business Development Managers
  • On-site appointments or in store visits Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
  • Free delivery of mobile handsets and accessories in local area
  • Management of mobile repairs, fleet issues and enquiries
  • Dedicated Project Managers and Technicians
  • In-house Provisioning & Sales Support Team for post-sale help

Our Clients

Who We Work With

We have fantastic relationships with customers of all shapes and sizes, but there is one common thread. They have high standards and they demand the best from their IT investment to help them meet their goals and objectives.

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For any general enquiries relating to our services or career options, give us a call on: