Your regional IT & Technical Support Services

Entourage Technology is a regional technology and telecommunications provider delivering objective-based solutions tailored to support the goals of your business. We empower our clients by providing reliable solutions that are backed by a team of trusted experts and industry-leading partnerships.

With a team of fifteen specialised technology experts spanning all Northern New South Wales, Entourage Technology offers businesses like yours the experience and knowledge needed to ensure technology solutions grow with your business.

Our integrated approach to technology allows businesses to connect all data, people and processes in a single, easy to manage solution. The benefits of using integrated solutions are quickly realised by users and include automated, real-time systems, reduced total cost of ownership and future proofing.

Our ICT Framework

At Entourage Technology, we take the time to understand your existing systems to make tailored recommendations for your organisation. Our Business Technology Advisors take a holistic, solutions-based approach to identify opportunities for optimisation in your technology landscape.

Cloud Services

Tailored to you and your business needs, Entourage Technology offers cloud services that ensure your business is nimble, flexible, and able to keep up with growing demands.

Managed IT

Our managed IT services support your business goals, allowing proactive end-to-endIT assistance when you need it. Entourage Technology leads the way in future proofing, systems update, critical incident management and more.

Unified Communications

EntourageTechnology’s unified communication services ensure that your telecommunication platforms are up to date and working at their best, so you can communicate and collaborate effectively with both team and customers.

Project Management

Ensuring your technology solutions are completed on time and within budget. EntourageTechnology’s project management service ensures your technology solution aligns with the business, its user skills, and your desired results.

Objective-Based solutions

Entourage Technology provides objective-based solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of you and your business allowing us to tailor technology solutions to suit you.

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