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Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0 F Tour Tennis Racquet
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With an electrifying look and ultra-versatile design, the Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0F Tour tennis racquet lets you polish all aspects of your performance.

It pairs well with intermediate to advanced players, allowing you to generate spin easily, offering a satisfying level of control and high playability.

Energy-returning Sonic Core technology integrates EVA material into the mix for a snappy rebound effect and elasticity at strategic zones of the frame.

The Syncro Charge System ups your comfort, dampening vibrations for a cleaner feel and arm-friendly design. Flexible graphite smooths out the stiffness felt on off-centre strikes and you get a more stable feel.

It’s complete with Straight String System with parallel drill holes to enlarge the hitting zone – adding up to higher spin potential, enhanced power and feel.

  • A versatile tennis racquet for aggressive players to dominate with controlled power and spin
  • Best suited to intermediate to advanced players
  • Optimal mobility for intermediate players teamed with the stability sought after by advanced players
  • Sonic Core technology with specialised EVA transfers stored energy to the ball for a satisfying response and improved dwell time
  • Vibration-dampening Synchro Charge system increases stability and reduces fatigue so your arm won’t fall off mid-match
  • Heat Convert – thermal energy conversion technology for vibration resistance and cleaner feel at no interference to weight or frame strength
  • Booster Groove – thin grooves over the hitting zone amplify the sweet spot for a superior blend of power and comfort
  • Larger hitting zone with Straight String System
  • Solid, precise and energetic feel on groundstrokes
  • Lets you easily dictate the pace
  • Heavy enough to launch the ball deep into your opponents side of the court
  • Excellent plow-through

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