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Everlast PowerCore Heavy Bag 3ft
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Fight for those gains with the Everlast Powercore Elite 3ft Heavy Boxing Bag. Featuring Everlast's foam Powercore centralised weight placement to deliver even impact dispersion as you build up your power. The durable synthetic NevaTear anti-rip leather material outer packs a punch, and reinforced straps ensure durability as you work on your fitness. The bag includes swivel and chainset, allowing you to easily mount the bag in your garage or backyard to get your heart pumping and sweat dripping.

  • Material: Durable synthetic NevaTear leather cover built to last
  • Powercore foam core offers centralised weight placement helps provide even impact dispersion
  • Reinforced and durable straps offer added support
  • Stainless steel rivets and nylon four strap configuration for strength and security
  • Perfect training staple for any boxing lover
  • Bag Dimensions: 3ft    90cm- 30cm-30cm
  • 32KG

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