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Cuisinart Griddler & Deep Pan GR-5XA
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Cuisinart’s Griddler & Deep Pan allows you to griddle and present perfectly seared sandwiches like a talented short order cook.

This is a truly versatile appliance that you’ll find yourself switching on every day. It allows you to grill a steak to perfection or an authentically charred burger but you can expand your repertoire to pancakes and even a cake.

It’s all about the different modes as the Cuisinart Griddler and Deep Pan opens up into a flat BBQ mode converting the grill into an open BBQ plate, which is ideal for flipping pancakes and frying eggs. The plates are removable and reversible, so you could then transform your appliance into a contact grill, sandwich press and a griddle. The deep pan is handy for one pot meals, stir-fries and even a deep pan pizza.

Whether it’s a casual Saturday lunch or a  more elaborate dinner, Cuisinart’s Griddle & Deep Pan has your measure with its easy-to-read LCD display with cooking function, temperature and timer.


  • Crafted in premium brushed stainless steel
  • Non-stick reversible grill & griddle plates
  • Combination Grill, Griddle, Sandwich Press & Deep Pan
  • Removable and reversible non-stick plates
  • Cooking plates drain grease for healthy cooking
  • Opens into a flat BBQ mode
  • Dual sided cooking plates, use as grill or griddle or a combination of both
  • Unique deep pan to use for stir-fries, one pot meals, deep pan pizza or even cakes
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • 6 individual temperature settings includes 80,120,160,180,200,& 230°c
  • Independent top plate on/off or keep warm
  • 240V.
  • Easy to clean, simply pop out the removable plates and place in the dishwasher
  • Presented in a Cuisinart box

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